LA LUCE GIOIELLERIAJewellery completely handmade by a single goldsmithOne of a kind onlyProfoundly intimateOnly responsibly sourced materialsFairmined licenseeUNEARTH OUR WORLD OF THOUGHTFUL JEWELLERY HANDMADE IN ITALYDiscover how our custom jewellery comes to life using exclusively sustainable materialsExplore how our exquisite golden flowers grow, bloom and become unique jewels sprinkled with diamonds and gemstonesEach of our creations is completely handmade and one-of-a-kind. Dream with us and create your perfect custom jewelWe strive to create intimate and beloved jewels that both spark memories and act as mementoesJewellery is always a treat. It should always be as ethical as possible and we strive to do so through each of our decisionsWe cherish our delicate world immeasurably and, through our decisions, do what we can to protect and support it and its inhabitantsAll our jewels are handmade in the Italian countryside, between artisanal craftsmanship and present challengesWe believe jewellery should be dazzling, magical, and uniqueEach of our jewels is completely one-of-a-kind and handmade in Italy from start to finishOur deepest values compel us to respect and care as much as we can for the planet and the people inhabiting itThis is why we only use Fairmined gold and silver, traceable diamonds and gemstonesWe believe nothing can be truly beautiful if it doesn’t respect the burden of its history and brings hope for a more equitable futureOur laboratory, located between hilltops and medieval villages, is powered exclusively by sustainable energy, our jewellery boxes are handmade in Bologna and our packaging is carbon neutralWe want the jewellery world to be more open and transparentWe want our customers to feel lighthearted and free to enjoy jewellery knowing we take care of every aspect of it: from the quality of the gemstones and the manufacturing, to the quality of life in the mines we source from, from our shipping carbon footprint to the source of our energy


Renewable energy

We decided to power all our tools with renewable energy.

Only our bigger welding torch is powered by tanks of oxygen and hydrogen, we are planning to replace it with an electric welding apparatus to control the source of our Hydrogen. 

Selecting an electricity supplier that reliably uses ONLY renewable energy isn’t as straightforward as it should, so we decided to be a part of a cooperative. “É nostra” is a non-lucrative cooperative that sells only renewable energy to its members. It provides a 100% renewable energy mix with most of its energy coming from the members themselves.

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Ethically sourced gemstones

Truly Ethical coloured gemstones are even harder to identify than diamonds. Sadly, there isn’t an international standard that identifies a gemstone as “ethical”.

(By ethical we mean that the mining, cutting and polishing of the gemstones doesn’t exploit people, their work or their land).

Somewhere along the supply chain, we have to do something that has become increasingly harder to do: trust a stranger. This kind of supply chain is based on trust and human relationships. Our suppliers are either in direct contact with the miners or have a close relationship with the small companies that manage the mines, the cutting and the polishing phase. Each stage is documented, but there isn’t a third-party revision. Our suppliers can tell us the origin of each gem and where it was cut, we trust them.

In the first place, we found our gem suppliers through the “Ethical gem suppliers” group (

At the moment we buy gems directly from Kathy of Fairtrade Gemstones ( and Stuart of Nineteen48 (  

Then we expanded our gem suppliers to include Wennick-Lefèvre ( Wennick- Lefèvre offers completely untreated Sapphires from Madagascar. These sapphires come in all the shades of the rainbow and, like flowers, no two are the same. These dazzling gemstones are mined in Madagascar and cut and polished in Sri Lanka. Wennick-Lefèvre offers a completely transparent supply chain.

We have decided to use only natural and untreated coloured gemstones as the technology isn’t able to give us the same multifaceted dazzling variety of colours (yet).

Also, these ethical gemstones contribute to educational and restoration projects. But most importantly pay a fair wage and help grow a more conscious and well-informed mining community.


Diamond and gemstone sourcing is an intricate subject.

There aren’t any “quick and easy” fixes. There are environmental, human rights and exploitation issues to say the least. The so-called “blood diamonds” should have exited the market with the establishment of the Kimberly Process in 2003. Most of them have. Unfortunately, until a third party, unbiased, control structure is instituted, there are way too many loopholes for diamonds derived from exploitation to enter the supply chain.

Nowadays, many different approaches are feasible and none of them is perfect or works for everyone.

We have updated our supply chain and decided to partner with Ocean Diamonds (

Ocean Diamonds works with a collective of professional diamond divers and source directly from them, ensuring that their supply chain is short and traceable and that the divers are paid fairly for their work. They currently cut the diamonds in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg in South Africa. Ocean diamonds, at the moment, is the company that best matches our ethics. The diamonds aren’t mined but rather found, diminishing the carbon footprint of the process. Unfortunately, they still offer limited diamonds and we otherwise use Canadamark diamonds.

Canadamark diamonds have a clear origin. Each diamond can be traced to its mine and the bigger ones have a serial number lasered on the girdle. Our main concern is that these diamonds are cut and polished in India. India has a longstanding tradition of diamond cutters but, sadly, at the moment, we can’t be certain that all the fundamental health and safety, human rights and gender equality protocols are followed. We are still trying to gather all the necessary information. Also, the carbon footprint of sending something across the globe and back is significant. We take this into consideration when calculating our carbon footprint. Only a very small percentage and mostly the best and biggest diamonds are cut in Canada. Our reseller at the moment is Stuller (


That being said, we are aware that mining produces an enormous amount of CO2.

Lab-grown diamonds offer an alternative.

A diamond is chemically and truly a diamond, in whatever way it was made. The international standards of clarity, cut, colour and carat define a diamond’s beauty, not its origin. The origin is “just” an ethical choice.

Growing a diamond is an energy-intensive process. Not only the growth of the diamond requires energy, but the construction of the machinery itself requires a great deal of energy and raw material. For these reasons, for it to be a reasonable alternative, we had to find labs that used only renewable energy. Our choice was the Diamond Foundy ( This is the first carbon-neutral foundry, powered by the Columbia River. Please note that the diamonds themselves are carbon neutral but the construction of the plant wasn’t.

Since the diamonds start at about 0.8 carats, we use these diamonds only at the client’s request.

We are conscious that buying Canadian or lab-grown American diamonds doesn’t help or solve the problem of diamond mining in Africa. This problem is huge and complex. Often finding gemstones is the only way many people have to support their families. We are trying to find ethical African diamonds to support directly these communities.



What is Fairmined?

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations.

Why we chose Fairmined instead of recycled metals?

Mining is, unfortunately, a very damaging activity for our environment. Miners need to excavate a great deal of land and by doing so they ruin their habitat and produce a vast quantity of CO2. Further, mining gold can require the use of a considerable amount of mercury.

Hence, recycled gold should be a much better option for the environment.

Sadly, the gold mined up until now isn’t enough to satisfy the demand. Especially, due to the always growing need of the stock and electronics market.

Besides, recycled gold can only be traced from the refinery onward, making it very easy to slip untraceable new gold into the supply chain.

Fairmined Gold is, to us, the best available option. It proves to small scale miners and the world that it’s possible to mine gold conscientiously.

Fairmined ensures the miners are paid a fair price. It certifies that the harsh chemicals are used properly or not used at all, where possible. The presence of a premium permits to invest in mining operations, social development and environmental protection. Fairmined sets the standard that every mine should follow. It helps miners re-establish the disrupted ecosystem and invest in their future and on their land and communities.

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We buy our gold from:

We hope that every time you wear, touch, or think about our jewels you feel delighted.

It must always feel like a gift, even if from yourself.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If we determine that your jewel is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, our goldsmith will repair it free of charge.

We suggest to let us handle repairs of our jewellery as It will be easier for us compared to other goldsmiths.

If we determine that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and let you know if repair services are available at a cost or otherwise.

Please note that slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship, natural characteristics, or internal inclusions, visible or otherwise, in coloured gemstones are unique and individual to each item. These characteristics are considered as part of the character of the item, and should not be considered a flaw.

Conditions and Exclusions

However meticulously jewels can be made, they are not invulnerable to normal wear and tear. We do not provide warranties for damage due to normal wear, product loss, loss of stones or theft. Damage or loss that results from failure to obtain the repairs necessary to maintain the integrity of the product is also not covered.

Repair or service performed by a third party other than La Luce will void this guarantee. This guarantee is non-transferrable. All guarantee claims under the La Luce Lifetime Guarantee must be made by the original purchaser or gift recipient.

You must provide identifiable pieces of jewellery for La Luce to honour this guarantee. If the goldsmith determines that it did not manufacture the original piece, it is under no obligation to honour this guarantee.

For more information, please read our “terms and conditions”.


All our items sold through other platforms will follow their shipping policies, please refer to their website for more information.

We offer express delivery free of charge to the countries listed below. 

Albania, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Armenia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Grand Cayman, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.

All our deliveries are “all risks door-to-door” insured.

Depending on the location, the delivery may take from 2 to 6 working days. We ship from Italy, therefore if the item has to undergo customs, the shipment may be delayed. If your country isn’t listed below, please contact us to see if we can arrange a special delivery. Please note that this could result in added shipping and customs fees.

As soon as the order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive an e-mail with all the courier details. If necessary, we can arrange a faster delivery depending on the location. Please contact us at

All delivery times quoted are estimates only and we cannot guarantee delivery at any particular time or date. Please note that if an item needs to go through customs, it may result in delays.

Please note that there could be delays due to Covid-19.


We strive to offer the best possible service.

Regarding our custom works:

The price of our custom works includes all eventual customs, duties and paperwork. The item will be shipped directly to your door unless otherwise agreed.

(An item is considered custom if it’s made from start to finish for a client and sold through this platform, a modification or an engraving will not be considered a custom jewel, but a customised jewel).

Regarding our ready-to-buy items:

For any extra-EU shipment, the customs and duties are the responsibility of the customer. If you would like us to take care of customs and duties we can certainly do so at an extra price, depending on the shipping location. Please note that this price includes all customs, duties and the paperwork needed to deliver the item directly to your door.

If you would like to know the customs and duty fees please check  using the HS code “7113”. In addition to these duties, each country applies its VAT. In most countries, this is the total amount due for custom clearance. Please check with your customs before any extra-EU purchase.

For any extra-EU shipment please note that customs may cause delays we can’t foresee.

For any other issue or inquiry, please contact us at


We offer a free shipping, 14-day return policy for non-customised items for a full refund from any European country. If the item had to undergo customs returning to Italy, these fees will be detracted from the total refund. Accordingly, for any extra-EU return the refund will equal: total price minus Italian customs and duties.

We do not offer refunds for customised items. If there is any issue with the custom jewellery you purchased please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.

To return an item, we recommend contacting us within 3 days of receiving it. All returned items must comply with the following:

  • returned unused and unworn, in the same condition they have been received in.
  • returned in their original package with all the original documentation.
  • Earrings may not be tried on for hygiene reasons.
  • Our bigger pieces come with a bright red thread that works as a “tag”, if it has been removed or its position significantly changed, we will not accept the return.

If you wish to return an item, please contact us at with your name, address and order number. We will provide a free return shipping label and a link to schedule a convenient time for our courier to collect the package from your address.

Once we receive the item, it will be inspected. If it meets all the requirements, we will proceed to a refund. Please allow up to 7 working days for the refund.

For more information, please read our “terms and conditions”.